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A E Ruffing and George Ruffing Elizabeth Ruffing

Ruffing's Our Company
Ruffing’s consists of a group of four artists:  A E Ruffing, Elizabeth Ruffing, Max Bailey, and Abby Laurence. What we have in common is the great value we place on quality and tradition. Our emphasis is always on putting forth our best efforts, whether working singly or working together. Ruffing’s has been in the art business for more than forty years. Our family-run art studio is located in the heart of North Carolina.

Our goal is to share our appreciation for the world around us and within us through the creation of art that captures the beauty and wonder of both nature and our imaginations. We have a serious side and a whimsical side, and you will see both sides as you explore our original watercolor and acrylic paintings, our fine art giclee prints, our handmade original one-of-a-kind art dolls, figurines, and art quilts, and our soft dolls and art toys.

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A E Ruffing

Elizabeth Ruffing

Max Bailey

Abby Laurence

A E Ruffing on the BeachA E Ruffing and George Ruffing WeddingGeorge Ruffing and Odie the Skunk
A E Ruffing on the BeachElizabeth RuffingElizabeth Ruffing
Elizabeth RuffingElizabeth Ruffing and SnowmanElizabeth Ruffing and Pinosh
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